The Week of the Deaf Culture in Zagreb

Zagreb 2016

On 23-27 November 2016 was held in Zagreb (Croatia) the Week of the Deaf Culture, of which initiator and organizer was Croatian Association of Deaf and Hard Hearing Culture “World of Silence”. This week was organised on the occasion of 10 year jubilee celebration of the activity of the Association. During this Week were organised exhibitions, seminars, conferences and a photographic marathon. Guests also invited to participate in the event were from foreign countries, especially deaf artists. From Poland participated the deaf artists from the Group of Deaf Artists – Marek Krzysztof Lasecki and Kinga Hołda. On the first day of this Week in the Room of the European House was held an exhibition of artistic works, which constituted the culmination of the 10 year celebration of the Association and focused the attention of many guests, media and partners of the Association, who on this occasion arrived in Zagreb. The Chairman of the Association Vanda Sagovac opened the vernissage with gratitude for shared actions. In the next day in the building “History Viilage” (Tkalčićeva street) was held an organised thematic conference, during which Marek Lasecki gave the first lecture about the art of deaf in the psychological aspect, and in the second lecture mentioned activity of the School-Education Centre for Deaf in Warsaw (Lucka Street). In the free time participants saw the Castle in Olzaji, the exhibition about history of the well-known deaf artist Slava Raškaj (1877 – 1906), whose works are being exhibited in museums in Croatia. The week was closed with the Photographic Marathon, of which Kinga Hołda was a co-organizer and a member of jury.