No-sound is an art

We invite for vernissage of  an exhibition „No-sound is an art” being a set of works of informal artistic group GAG – the Group of Deaf Artists on day 9th February 2018, 6.p.m, Gallery 5 Katowice City of Gardens, Sejm Śląski Square 2, Katowice.

It is intriguic how deaf persons show the world of sound completely abstract for them, isn’t it?

Through painting, photography, graphics, illustrations and poems artists show how they hear, see and feel the music. For deaf inside feeling of music as vibrations i san art. vibrations are subjective, adequate for every artist depending on level of hearing sounds. Interpretation is very personal, individual and such a interpretation appears in works presented on exhibition.

[► GAG in other words means Group of Deaf Artists]
This exhibition will be shown in Gallery 5 (2nd floor of Katowice City of Gardens)
during days 10.02.2018 – 8.04.2018.
Curator: Kinga Hołda.
Free entrance.