Deaf-art in Białystok

This time we remind the artistic workshop realised by GAG members: Daniel Kotowski and Marek Krzysztof Lasecki in the Gallery Arsenal in Białystok. Daniel in his story is writing:

It was another very successful artistic workshop for me and Marek Krzysztof Lasecki (as co-leaders) in the Gallery Arsenal in Białystok on the day of 24 June 2017. There were workshops from the cicle “The Art doesn’t know barriers” for deaf persons in Białystok.

Here purposes of these workshops were: getting to know the characteristic elements of the deaf-art, developing imagination and awarenesses of the possibility of mixing  of painting and drawing techniques in painted and graphical works also developing sensitivity regarding issues of deaf persons.

A group around 20 persons came to workshops from the Association “Mig-iem”. Participants demonstrated their great artistic expression associated with their own identity with the commitment.

Every participant described his point of view about the deaf-art.

Workshops in the Gallery Arsenal in Białystok are showing that there is a group of people of deaf persons willing for receiving portions of the knowledge and committing itself to workshop action. There will be a continuation of such actions of the Group of Deaf Artists this year. So to the next time!