Barriers are slowly disappearing

Practical workshops organised on 9th January 2018 in the Silesian Museum devoted to the abstract photograph as well as the dynamic composition were very inspiring thanks to Kinga Hołda (the Group of Deaf Artists member) leader of these workshops.

Kinga in the short story from these workshops is talking this way:

I am under impression of that hearing persons came to my workshops – about 40 persons. I felt pride, that mine workshops are for everyone, isn’t significant whether it is hearing or not-hearing person. After finishing workshops I asked participants, whether they were satisfied and it turned out that quite a lot of persons had said they were satisfied very much because I explained calmly, where mistakes were in photoshoot, colour, composition. These persons didn’t feel that I was not-hearing. Such words are for me a large satisfaction and I am waiting on next such workshops.Kinga Hołda

Photostory from workshops. Michał Jędrzejowski

Photo report from workshops. On the first photograph in the album general view on the room, where was led the theoretical part of the workshop. In dark room participants in classes, on the wall a presentation is being shown. On remaining photographs leader Kinga Hołda along with the translator from the Polish sign language to the Polish language and participants in workshops. Another photographs are showing the individual work of participants.