After the vernissage of GAG exhibition in Katowice

Katowice incessantly is surprising. Katowice is a city quickly developing, changing its face. The Silesian museum and Katowice City of Gardens as ones of few cultural institutions in Poland notice needs of persons deaf and ones of few cultural institutions in Poland besides Zachęta – National Gallery of Art which implemented permanent educational programmes taking into account the need of the education of deaf persons. And there was still no exhibition of GAG in Katowice. But it changed. On the day of 9 February 2018 in Gallery 5 Katowice City of Gardens was held the vernissage of the exhibition “No-sound is an art”, which curator was Kinga Hołda, employee of the Katowice City of Gardens and the GAG member. GAG exhibition was Kinga’s idea. There  took part in the exhibition: Karolina Jakóbczak from Warsaw, Michał Justycki from Katowice, Kazimierz Kicke from Warsaw, Justyna Kieruzalska from Lublin, Olgierd Koczorowski from Szczecin, Agnieszka Kołodziejczak from Łódź, Daniel Kotowski from Warsaw, Marek Krzysztof Lasecki from Warsaw, Alfred Polok from Opole and Magdalena Urban from Cracow. Sign interpreter on the vernissage was Irena Piecha.

„It is intriguic how deaf persons show the world of sound completely abstract for them, isn’t it? Through painting, photography, graphics, illustrations and poems artists show how they hear, see and feel the music. For deaf inside feeling of music as vibrations i san art. vibrations are subjective, adequate for every artist depending on level of hearing sounds. Interpretation is very personal, individual and such a interpretation appears in works presented on exhibition”.

It isn’t necessary to add more anything. This exhibition will be shown to 08.04.2018 We invite to see a photostory.