Rada GAG


  Kinga Hołda
She was born in 1987 year. She comes from Katowice, where she graduated from Graphics Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated from Photography Faculty – post diploma degree in Warsaw School of Photography and Graphics Design in Warsaw. She wroks as junior education-exhibition specialist in the Institute of Culture „Katwoice – the Garden City”. Her passions are: not only graphics, also painting, photography and Cinema. Kinga knows how to carry moments, which aren’t visible for others. Participant of many plein-air art workshops for deaf artists in Poland and abroad. Responsible for: organizing of exhibitions for deaf, promotional materials of exhibitions, promotion and advertising in social media and press, information in PJM.
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kari Karolina Jakóbczak
She is born was Warsaw in 1984 year. She is a graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw. She was a grant holder of Socrates Erasmus Program at the Fachhochschule Trier – Communicationdesign in Germany during academic year of 2006/2007. She is working as graphic designer and her passions are: illustration, digital graphics, graphics, photography, painting and drawing. Responsible for: contact by GAG e-mail, editing of texts and articles in Polish and English.
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  Justyna Kieruzalska
She was born in Lublin in 1984 year.She is a graduate from Art. Secondary School in Lublin. In 2008 year she was graduated from Art Faculty of UMCS in Lublin. The graduate of post-diploma studies in AGH Cracow and WSEI in Lublin. The owner of Rowińska Business Coaching Certificate. She takes drawing, illustration, graphics, painting and the animation to a lesser degree. She took part in many group and individual exhibitions as: II lines; I don’t understand what you say, please write me. Apart from it she is author of illustrations in magazines among them „Other world?”, comic books as ” ‘Igor and Vehicle of time” and „Holocaust”.
Responsible for: promotion of GAG activities, graphic and multimedia design in the frames of projects and GAG activities.
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olas Olgierd Koczorowski
He was born in 1967 year. He lives in Szczecin and he is working for local deaf group. Her passion is photography. He took part in many photographical and film workshops for deaf persons. His favorite themes are portrait, architecture, landscape and art photography. Cofounder of Group of Deaf Artists. Responsible for: technical matters – webmastering, photographical documentary and film-making, film processing.
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sowka Agnieszka Kołodziejczak
She was born in 1976 year. Graduate from Textile and Fashion Design Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Graduate from Philosophy Institute of Łódź University. She was a holder of scholarship of Norwegian government in art in Bergen, Kunsthogskolen, 2003/2004 academic year. President of “OUR GALLERY” Association in Łódź. Cofounder of Group of Deaf Artists. She is taking painting, poetry and photography. Responsible for: contact by GAG e-mail and contact with institutes, English translations, editing of texts and articles.
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kotek Daniel Kotowski
Daniel Kotowski comes from the eastern Poland. Born in Łomża in 1993. The villages: Grędzice and Śródborów are places of his childhood. Now he is living in Warsaw. The graduate from Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology (Interior Design Faculty). Now he is a student of master’s degree studies on the Department of the Interior Design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He is dealing with the interior design and the graphics. He is very fond of the spatial artistic work. The theme of his works refers to a separate identity, experiences, nature, subject matter of silence, mood, emotion, individual look into the world. He is fascinated with different fields of art: painting, installations, photography, collage, interior design and design. Now he is leading the cycle of meetings „Zachęta signs” in Zachęta – National Gallery of Art.
Responsible for: information in PJM and IS, promotion of GAG activities, leading of workshops in the frames of projects, graphic and multimedia design.
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